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Evt Calendar

Evt is at an early stage of development and definitely could delete or corrupt all your data. Enjoy.

Evt is a web-based (and command-line) calendar, backing onto WebDAV.

Command-line interface

Evt provides a command-line interface onto your calendar. This interface is intended to be a complement to the cal Unix command, for when you want to know what you're doing, not just what day it is.

Simply type evt to see what's happening this week:

 $ evt
 09  Cherubs (09:00)
     Preschool (13:00)
     Friend over (14:00)
 10  Meet up with Sammy (09:00)
     Afternoon tea (15:00)
 11  My Birthday (all day)
     Class assembly (09:00)
     Sue here (09:30)
     Lunch at Jo's (13:00)
     Cream tea (15:00)
 13* Swimming (09:30)
     Remembrance service (10:00)
 15  Work (09:00)



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