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Diffident is a coloured side-by-side diff viewer and editor that works in a terminal:




To compare two files:

 diffident file1 file2

To run the tests:

 diffident --test-slow

For full usage information:

 diffident --help

Keyboard shortcuts

                Help - SHIFT-H
                Quit - q
     Move left/right - h/l or Arrow Keys
        Move up/down - k/j or Arrow Keys
 Select line up/down - K/J
       Next/Previous - n/p or F8/F7
        Page up/down - ,/. or PageUp/Down
 Select page up/down - </>
   Scroll left/right - z/x
     Copy left/right - [/]
         Insert line - a  (Adds a line above the selected line)
      Delete line(s) - d
        Save changes - s  (Saves the file containing the cursor)


Check out from git:

 git clone git://git.code.sf.net/p/diffident/code diffident-code

Browse the code:



Andy Balaam <axis3x3 at users dot sourceforge dot net>

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