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CCGtk is a CruiseControl system tray icon for Linux that attempts to inform you (as unobtrusively as possible) only when something interesting has happened.

The tray icon appears red when some builds are failing, and green when all are passing.

When a build's state changes, a notification bubble pops up telling you which builds changed.

Click the icon to jump to the CruiseControl dashboard. From there you can follow the links to see why a build failed.


Get the code from https://codeberg.org/andybalaam/CCGtk/releases and unzip it

 cd src


When you first launch CCGtk, it will ask for the URL of your CruiseControl server. To find this, navigate to the CruiseControl dashboard in your browser, look at the address bar, and copy everything before the word "dashboard". (Do not include the word "dashboard".)

For example, if your dashboard is located at http://myserver:8080/dashboard then the URL you should type in is "http://myserver:8080".

The configuration file is located in ~/.ccgtk/config. Each configuration setting is a name followed by "=" and then a value.

To change the URL for the CruiseControl server, modify the "cc_url" setting.

To change how often the server is polled, modify the "poll_interval_secs" setting.

To specify that you are only interested in some of the projects on the server, create one or more "project" settings giving the names of each project whose status you want.

Sample config file:

 # The CruiseControl server.  To find the correct URL,
 # go to the dashboard and copy the address from your
 # browser's address bar, removing the 'dashboard' part.

 # The number of seconds to wait between contacting the server:

 # If you specify no projects, we are interested in all projects on the server.
 # Otherwise, list your projects like this:
 #project=project 1 name
 #project=project 2 name

Development and contact

CCGtk is written in Python and based on the PyGTK python bindings for the GTK/GNOME desktop library.

Code, issues etc. are at https://codeberg.org/andybalaam/CCGtk

We welcome bug reports, comments and suggestions.

CCGtk is written by Andy Balaam, who may be found at https://artificialworlds.net.


CCGtk is release under the GNU General Public License version 2 or later, with absolutely no warranty.

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