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Rants and raves inspired by a passionate, frustrated love for God.
Dec 13, 2006 - 07:53 AM
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Say what you feel

"You have not spoken of me what is right, as my servant Job has." God, in Job 42:8

Welcome to Guilty Expression

Welcome to Most of us here are Christians, and we use this space to express our frustration and guilt about what we Christians get wrong all the time. Anyone can write an article. Just click on Submit an Article - it can be long or short. Feel free to disagree with anyone - that's what we're here for. You can discuss the articles by commenting below them, and you can say anything you like on the discussion board and wiki. Whilst it isn't our intention to hurt anyone, we hope that God will forgive us if we say things we didn't mean. My name is Andy: feel free to email me (replace the word "at" with an @ symbol in the To address. To find out when new articles appear, join the mailing list by filling in the box at the bottom of the page.

Site going static for a while
Tuesday, December 05, 2006 - 10:37 AM

Hi everyone. Being utterly sick of my web space provider, and currently investigating other options, I'm going to move this site very soon to some static web space while I get myself sorted. Let me know if you see any problems, and sorry if the transition loses anything - let me know if so.


What is Jesus view on martial arts?
Monday, August 07, 2006 - 09:56 PM

Hi-ya! Ever since I was eight years old after seeing how practical it can be, I always wanted to take up some form of martial arts. At the time I probably knew the names of about six disciplines or so. That is how interested I was. Sadly, for some reason or other it didn�t really lift of. And what if the reason turned out to be Jesus? (Matt 5:39)


Season of the Moses
Sunday, May 21, 2006 - 03:14 PM

As we endure Lenten or fasting season and hold to our vows - hopefully more to be followed than this year�s resolutions - I am reminded of God�s commandments for his chosen ones as depicted in Exodus. How to act, how to worship, what to eat, what to wear, what not to eat, how not to worship, and so on. (See Exodus 20:1 onwards)


Fair Trade and Middle Class values
Sunday, April 23, 2006 - 09:22 AM

Although I think Fair Trade is a good idea I am convinced it often does little more than making middle class people feel good about being rich!


What difference does it make?
Saturday, March 25, 2006 - 12:45 AM

People often say how, if you become a Christian, God will give you peace and joy in your heart. That just makes me wonder where that peace and joy is, and whether I misunderstand what those words mean.


The Religious Hatred Bill Question
Tuesday, March 14, 2006 - 09:28 AM

I�ve been following the progress of the religious hatred bill debate since the start of last October (05) when the protest of hundreds against it took place. I�ve even been doing pieces on it for an online writer/journal called Dogmanet. But I have not made my view (where I stand) on the possibility of the Bill known. Neither in the journal, nor to myself.


Life Style vs Work Style
Monday, March 06, 2006 - 01:43 AM

Is our life defined by work or our work defined by our life?


Retiring GuiltyExpression?
Friday, February 10, 2006 - 12:06 AM

Dear all,

Activity on GE has been pretty much zero, and I just don't seem to have enough time to write new articles. Meanwhile the spam attacks continue, and I don't really have time to fight them off, King Canute-like. So, I am thinking of retiring the site, and making a static archive of it available so that people can still read what we talked about, but the spammers can't ruin it.

This will make me very sad, but unless some people are prepared to start writing articles, I don't think the site is going to have any momentum. It has been amazing sharing ideas, inspiration and frustration with you all: don't stop expressing the unspeakable!

If you don't think the end has come yet for GE, let me know. I'd love to see it continue to be useful to people, and a place where I can hang out.

By the way, my email address appears to have been silently throwing my emails away for ages now, so I'm _really_ sorry if you emailed me - it just didn't get to me. Try my other address - andy at and you will definitely get me.

Love, and see you around.


P.S. If you have opinions about this, visit the discussion board and let's discuss it there.


Prolonged downtime - sorry!
Friday, October 28, 2005 - 01:30 PM

You may have noticed the site has been down for ages.

We had various problems with hosting/domain names, nameservers etc. and I've been really slow to fix them. Anyway, it's back now...

Things have slowed down a bit here recently, but I may be able to put some work into getting some new articles soon, and for the meantime feel free to browse back over the classics of the past, and submit new classics by clicking "Submit an Article".


Folklore vs. Biblical God
Wednesday, June 08, 2005 - 09:08 AM

Whatever happened to Jewish myths, fiction and parables? In the manner that we speak of indigenous Indian, African, or Greek cultural fables?

Did Israelites have romantic myths, or folklores for that matter? Myths they could enjoy, and entertain without considering it history, or the law of God. If so how would it be next to the Good Book?

Surely these myths would have a "culture conscious" effect on Israelite/Jewish culture and thinking the way other tribes, cultures and nations fables have on theirs to teach, to scare to preach or to guide.


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