4 thoughts on “Why Rabbit Escape is Open Source / Free Software”

  1. Thanks for your game, I really enjoyed sharing it with my kids. Out of curiosity, how did your selling on Play go?
    Great game!

  2. Hi Sebastian, thanks! Very few people have bought the paid version from the Play Store, and even fewer have downloaded the (identical) free version I recently released :-(

    Possibly a failure of marketing…

  3. Thanks for your sincere answer! I thought Rabbit Escape is a very nice pre-programming game for kids (one is 6, but even my 3½ year old was enjoying it and succeeding in early levels).

    I wish you success and inspiration and congratulate you on this beautiful game that I actively recommend to friends and fellow parents.

    Regards from Peru

  4. Sebastian thank you so much for the encouragement! I am very glad it has been fun for your kids – that is the real reason I wrote it, so I am satisfied :-)

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